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Fox LeapFox LeapA red fox leaps into action to snag it's prey.

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Day 6 in Yellowstone It's with conflicted hearts that we packed and left our cabin for the return trip home early this morning. While we look forward to coming home, we will miss the wild wonder that is Yellowstone. We pulled away from the cabin around 7am - it was a balmy -22F. We set out across the park keeping our eyes open for whatever the park might show us on our last foray this trip. We didn't see any more otters (although we looked real hard) but we did encounter coyotes - howling, squabbling over a carcass, and upfront and personal when a coyote moved very close to our position. We also encountered elk, bison, pronghorn and mule deer on the way to Billings.

It was a fantastic trip! I have a few thousand images to review and process. I'll be sharing many over the coming days and weeks. Remember that all of my images are available for sale should you see something you like!


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Day 5 in Yellowstone Our last full day in the Lamar valley, we set out this morning to photograph some eagles and find some more otters. Shortly after hitting the valley we encountered a mated pair of bald eagles enjoying a morning meal in some cottonwood trees on the Lamar River. Three coyotes played in the valley nearby, filling the air with their excited yips and barks. Alas, despite our best efforts the otters eluded us. However, the fox from yesterday was once again putting on a show near Soda Butte and we spent some time watching her catch and bury her prey. She regally ignored the humans and calmly walked past onlookers and cars as she used the road to move to her preferred hiding spot for her catch. From there we tried one more time to rendevous with otters but were thwarted and headed back to the cabin. We'll try one last time early tomorrow as we start our return trip across the park to Gardner.

I will have MANY more photos to share once i get home and have time to process all the amazing sights. Stay tuned...


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Day 4 in Yellowstone The Day of the Fox. After two days of waking up really early, we decided to sleep in and grab some hot breakfast in Cooke City. After that we traveled into the park in the hopes of another encounter with the otter and some more mousing fox pictures. While the otter eluded us, the fox put on quite a performance! At Soda Butte in the Lamar Valley we spotted a fox in the valley with some bison and set up to watch and photograph. The female red fox proceeded to canvas the valley floor in circles for a few hours making five mousing jumps and catching three rodents which she quickly ate. While doing this we heard the haunting calls of coyotes and then noticed two coyotes sitting on the hill overlooking us and the valley floor. They watched the silly humans ogling the fox for a while and then slipped away along the hillside into the forest. It was a cold day with intermittent snow but worth all the cold hands and feet for the amazing chance to watch nature play out in the park.


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Day 3 in Yellowstone Three Dog Day!! We set out early to check out a new bison carcass in the hopes of finding wolves feeding. On the way we encountered moose, an otter, and a coyote on the carcass. On the way back across the valley we stopped at turnout to eat our cold lunch... to find a fox who not only trotted around but curled up to sleep (conveniently while we were eating) and then moused a few times before disappearing in the trees up the mountain. After that we heard that another bison had been brought down by the Junction wolf pack (11 wolves) and that they were feeding down the valley. When we got there everyone was gone so we assumed that wolves had moved on. We decided to hike the half mile through snow to the vantage point and were rewarded for our perseverance! Extreme range but we were able to watch all 11 wolves nap, howl (I got an audio recording - eerie!) and then move on over the hill. Now we’re back in the cabin and it’s time for a beer (or three)! Oh, and it snowed on an off all day and hovered around 3 degrees. WORTH IT!


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Day 2 in Yellowstone It started out COLD, -9F and -26F wind chill. Luckily our gear performed as advertised and everyone avoided frostbite. We met our guide at 7am and quickly found a lone wolf prowling a herd of bison. The wolf had a limp from a previous injury but was still dangerous enough to keep the nearby bison and coyotes on edge. From there were traveled the park encountered the usual suspects - coyotes, big horn sheep, bison, and moose. The guide explained that most of the northern park wolf packs had followed the elk herds out of the park and that we might not see any more. Now worries, I have my wolf shot!

Tomorrow we plan to stalk a recent kill site for wolves, coyotes and foxes and undertake a long snowshoe hike in search of ermine.



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Day 1 in Yellowstone We started off with some snowshoeing near the cabin. Snowshoeing in 3-4 feet of snow is hard. After working up a good sweat we headed into the park and we were not disappointed! We encountered a fox in the forest, and big horn sheep, coyotes, another fox, and moose in the Lamar Valley. It was a mostly sunny day with occasional snow showeres with the temps hovering around 14 degrees - which was fine. The 20-30mph wind and subsequent wind chill not so much. Once the sun started its decent it got COLD. Despite the wind, it was a great day!! Tomorrow we are joining up with a guide to track down some more wildlife and maybe some wolves!


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Yellowstone Images Are Here! I'm still working through my backlog of images from the trip but I do have some of my favorites already posted in the Yellowstone section of the Galleries.

Grand Prismatic Spring 7Grand Prismatic Spring 7Another view of the impressive color of the Grand Prismatic Spring. Notice the bison prints in the mud in the foreground.

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Yellowstone Pics Coming Soon! I'm back from a fantastic (but too short) vacation in Yellowstone. I hope to have my photos ready for upload soon.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with the Moose for company.

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Off to Yellowstone Finally checking one off the bucket list!  I can't explain how excited I am to finally make the journey to Yellowstone. Hopefully Nature cooperates and I have the opportunity to witness nature as I have dreamed.  I'm also hoping I have the skill to photograph all the splendor!  We shall see.  More to come... hopefully.

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On the James River Eagle InboundEagle InboundA bald eagle zooms towards me after plucking a fish from the James River outside Richmond, Va. Fantastic day on the James River with Capt. Mike Ostrander (Discover The James) and several friends!  Lots of great photos.  More to come!

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Great Horned Owl! Finally found and photographed a Great Horned Owl! It was spitting rain, lighting was moody, and the owls were tucked into some dense branches but we found a mated pair and their nest. Hope they like the company because I'll be stalking them and their young until the chicks take flight.

Definitely worth the mud (there was a lot of mud... all over me).

Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl

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It's Alive! It's been a few months in the making but the site is ALIVE!  

I'm still working on backlog photos and finding images to upload.  So, between the backlog and some upcoming planned trips to the marsh I plan to upload more photos in the near future.  

The storefront part of the site is still being worked on but I'm hoping to unveil that sometime soon.

More to come!

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